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Founded in the year 2000, the Arab Forum for Human and Technology Development is the largest non-profit organization in the Middle East working in the field of Information Communication Technology. By building unique partnerships between key manufacturers, ICT service providers, media outlets, educational institutions, and students, AFHTD informs, promotes, and trains to foster a more comprehensive understanding of information technology in the region.


The Arab Forum for Human and Technology Development (AFHTD) maintains its headquarters in Cairo and operates through additional branch offices throughout Egypt including El Arish, Siwa, Zagazig, Sharqia, and Port Said. The AFHTD represents the interests of Technology and Human Resource development, key manufacturers, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service providers, media organizations and providers, professors, postgraduates and students.  Members participate in plenary meetings, workshops and implementation for, Local and Technology Interest group gatherings and welfare throughout Egypt. Such meetings, allow participants a unique opportunity to collaborate and decide policy orientation, examine issues of human development's research, and develop cutting edge technical ideas.


General Objective

The Arab Forum for Human and Technology Development (AFHTD) is an international association of Information and Communication Technology representatives. Members and Participants are innovators in Human Development dedicated to promoting ethical and effective use of ICT to better serve humanity. AFHTD 's focus and expertise lie in the intersection of four core domains: ICT, Human Development, Media Awareness and Socio-economic Justice.





Presidential Election: 2018


Building of Cloud-based Smart 

 Personalized Learning System





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13th International Conference on Smart Learning

Following on from the great success of the twelve International Conferences on Smart -Learning (ICT-Learn) in 2002-2018, ICT-Learn 2019 is a major international forum for the presentation of innovative ideas, approaches, technologies, systems, findings and outcomes of research and design and development projects in the emerging areas of smart learning, smart education, applications of smart technology and smart systems in education and e-learning, smart classrooms and smart universities, and knowledge-based smart society. 

ICT-Learn 2019 will provide an excellent opportunity for scholars, Ph.D. students, faculty, administrators, and practitioners to meet well-known experts from all over the world and to discuss innovative ideas and approaches, advances in smart technology and intelligent systems, Quantum computing, Internet of Things and Big Data , Cloud computing, state-of-the-art software and hardware systems, research findings and outcomes, best practices and case studies, national and international projects, institutional standards and policies, and many other topics related to smart technology-based education and corporate training



Sep 26-27, 2019


Ramses Hilton, Cairo, Egypt

Submission Deadline

May 1, 2019

Notification Due

July 15, 2019

Final Version Due

August 15, 2019