Welcome to HDF

Since the year 2000

Welcome to HDF……

Founded in the year 2000, the Human Development Foundation is the largest non-profit organization in the Middle East working in the field of Information Communication Technology. By building unique partnerships between key manufacturers, ICT service providers, media outlets, educational institutions, and students, HDF informs, promotes, and trains to foster a more comprehensive understanding of information technology in the region.

Our Mission


To better serve the causes of peace, social justice, and human development in the Middle East, through promoting the effective use of ICT and raising public awareness about the role of media in society




ICT-Learn 2018

HDF will host the 2016 ICT-Learn conference December 12th  through the 14th at the Ramses Hilton hotel in Cairo, Egypt. This year’s conference focuses on meeting the networking needs of international e-learning and distance learning providers. For years, the conference has been the key networking venue for strategists, communicators, and ICT business leaders in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the globe. ICT-Learn 2016 will highlight the issues we face, and the strategies we employ to meet the challenges of teaching and learning within the ICT discipline. This year’s theme reflects both the diversity of the field, and the versatility required to stay ahead of a changing curve.

Click here to learn more about ICT-Learn 2016.


HDF Training Centre

HDF Training Centre aims to serve Economic empowerment of people who are employed, unemployed and who have lost their jobs as a consequence of the transitional process
HDF Training Centre pushes for the Stimulation of self-confidence and realization of own capabilities; as well as support for individuals to develop their skills and to fulfil their knowledge in areas such as today’s modern computer applications, business applications etc. For the fulfilment of existing vacancies according to the demands of the labour market by training individuals in an effective way;
aid in the Employment of young individuals for decreasing the number of young and unqualified personnel and prevention from trafficking.
Bringing employed & unemployed individuals in an effective way to the labour market,, without excluding anyone, to better serve the society for modern days market needs.
As an end result this gives the HDF a fulfilment of its mission and intention to better serve the people in providing awareness and development.



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The Human Development Foundation is an accredited non-profitorganization
registered in the Arab Republic of Egypt. HDF relies on funding from a diverse
roster of donors including charitable foundations, international development
agencies, corporate sponsorships, and individual contributions. For information
on how you or your organization can support the efforts of HDF and its partners,
please contact us at: support@hdf.org.eg

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