ICT Learn 2016 - Sterering Comittee


Honor Chair

Prof. Ashraf Hatem
Secretary General, Supreme Council of universities

Conference Chair

Prof.  Mohamed Alazab,HDF

Prof. Ahmed Hassan  .Vice chairman, SCU
Prof. Samia Elazab  .Vice chairman, Cairo  Univ

General Chair

Prof. Wafaa Kafafy, Cairo Univ.
Dr. Rami Iskander, SCU

General Coordinator

Ms. Ola Lourance, Information Bank
Dr. Nancy Eldemerdash, SCU

Technical Program Chair

Prof. Maher Sabry,Banha Univ.
Prof.Ekbal alamir,HDF

Fund raising and Exhibits  Chair

Dr.Inas Mohamed Sobhy ,HDF

Local Arrangement Chair

Prof. Nelly Mahgoub, Cairo Univ.

Publications Chair

Prof. Khalid Abdel Fattah, SCU

Dr. Mona Farouk, SCU
Dr. Mohamed Hassan, Scu

Publicity Chair

Prof. Faten Farouk, Helwan Univ

Ms. Yasmeen Mansour, HDF

Registration Chair

Ms. Tayseer Dyab, HDF


Multimedia Chair

Eng. Mai Gawish , SCU

IT&web Site Chair

Eng.Ahmed Hamdy, SCU

Membership in these committees is subject to changes as per members’ participation and need for special skills and qualifications

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